About Me

Welcome to my Blog.  XOXO


Awakening the soul is centred around helping others develop their intuition, grow spiritually through healing and spiritual development and yoga.
I run regular classes and workshops in Melbourne.

Much of what I have learnt over the last 30 years, including Spiritual Awakenings, Spiritual Insights, Heart Chakra Opening, Soul Singing and Spirit Inspired Writings have informed and become a part of the curriculum of each of the Soul Integration Workshops and Awakening the Soul Classes.

You can contact me at awakeningvsoul@gmail.com or go to http://www.awakeningthesoul.com

Join my Awakening The Soul Group  on Facebook


For all inquires please call Stella on 0401500911.
Do send me an email request to receive details of my upcoming classes and workshops.




  1. HI Stella,

    I noticed you re-blogged a post of mine lately featuring Ariaa Yeager. I gave me the opportunity to check out your magazine and blog. I sincerely appreciate the content and profesionalism you put out there. I have guest bloggers on my site from time to time and wondered it you might be willing to post on my blog? I think your site has complimentary content my readers would appreciate. If you’re interested, please let me know.




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