Our self worth is the navigation system in all our relationships. If we unconsciously teach others that we are not worthy, it will manifest in our relationships as a lack of consideration. We will overlook our needs for healthy, respectful boundaries and our partners and others in our lives will also be incapable of honoring boundaries. We find that we are the ones doing all the work in the relationship and consequently work the hardest to keep the relationship alive. We are emotionally inhibited and incapable of expressing our concerns and emotional needs, for fear of disapproval. We lose our sense of self and our authenticity as we try to make ourselves into who we think our partners, family and friends expect us to be. We can never really voice our needs because we are too busy attending to the needs of others. #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #metaphysical #kundalini #spiritualpath #spiritualhealing #spiritualpractice #spiritualrelationships #soulawakening #higherconsciousness #spiritualinspiration #lightworker #dharma #yoga #divinetiming #selfworth #selfworthquotes

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