When we incarnate into this world we are birthed with a predisposed theme to our life yet we are also given free will and free choice.

So what does this mean.  It means in order to continue to evolve, our soul chooses certain themes for the life that we are to be born into.

The soul chooses essential lesson for the growth and evolution of our spirit.

These lesson can be anything from overcoming physical limations we are born with,  it could be lesson of love, relating self -love, the lessons can be about self suffiency and empowerment, trust,  poverty or abundance, overcoming fear or learning to honor and approve of ourselves.  The lessons can be many or just one.

These lessons may be one extremely difficult challenge or many smaller opportunities for soul growth.

If you achieve  your goals in this lifetime your soul evolves and expands however if the particular growth required isn’t not reached, you will be given the same lessons in the next incarnation or for the duration of your current lifetime.

If the opportunities for growth are not taken, if you avoid a lesson through fear or missed opportunity, the universe will continue to present the same challenges  to you through different people or different circumstances till it is learnt resulting in the dissipation and dissolving of  the energetic charge around it so that the pattern is disrupted and you have the ability to make different choice and work towards another lesson.



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