The love, the recognition, the understanding, the peace and the joy you seek is already inside of you. It doesn’t exist anywhere else but inside of you!

We have been conditioned to think that when we feel love it is because someone else is responsible for these feelings to emerge. We give away our power to love to a physical love object in the misunderstanding that our experience of love is through our attachment to another, when all along it has always been birthed from inside of us. We have been taught that love is experienced through our association with others such as when we fall in love, but in reality, the flow of love we feel comes from an eternal stream drawn from the deep well of our soul. We are the source of love. We are the endless stream of love that doesn’t need a man or woman for this love to be felt. That is the illusion. The reality is we came from love and will dissolve back into love when your time on earth is over. What we do till then is up to all of us.

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