UNLOCKING YOUR INTUITION – Part 3 – Silent Meditation Process

 Silent Meditation Process

heBegin by first taking a few deep breath’s.  As you inhale notice anywhere in your body where you are holding tension and as you exhale allow this tension to relax with the breath.

Pay full attention to the breath and release all tension.

Continue in this way and allow your body to succumb and become pliant.  When you feel sufficiently relaxed begin to pay attention only to your breath.

Take deep slow breaths, noticing and feeling all the sensations associated with the air entering your body through your nostril and follow the path of the breath to your lungs.  Pay close attention to only the breath.   The key now is to focus on the breath to the exclusion of all else.

Continue with this concentration on the breath and as you do so if thoughts arise, remain detached from the thought, don’t react in any way and go straight back to observing your breath.

As you continue on with this process you can begin to slow down the breath and maintain an even count on the in and out breath.  For example, breathe in to the count of 6 and breathe out to the count of 6, if you like you can extend this somewhat as long as it is comfortable and you aren’t struggling for a breath. This all should be done with ease.  Counting the breath also helps keep the thoughts at bay.  Continue doing this until it becomes natural and you no longer need to count the breaths.

From this point, while maintaining the rhythm, focus on the breath and just listen to the silence.  Do this for as long as possible.  Remember to allow thoughts to pass without reacting and come back to the breath and get back to the silence wherever possible.  Over time the silence will begin to be the place where the still small voice of your intuition will begin to make it-self heard more and more.

Note:  You may not always receive intuitive impressions during the meditation itself but the practice will open up the channels so that in your day to day activities you will start to get feeling responses to various situations.  In the initial stage it is important to acknowledge these impressions as doing so further opens the intuitive channels.  You can also just intend to get an answer to a question and let it go, but ensure you are observant of your environment.  Sometimes answers don’t come in the way you expect.  An answer can arrive though something a friend says in passing that just happens to be the one thing you needed to hear at that moment or you notice a sign that gives you the insight you need.  Look for synchronicities they are everywhere and notice your feelings, your gut instinct will be talking louder than ever and the more you notice the impressions, the more your intuition expands.

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