Intuited data gives us the ability to grasp a Universally guided understanding or insight into matters outside our conscious reasoning from a spiritual source.  Intuition transcends time and space. The guidance you receive when followed can be life changing and life altering.

On a day to day basis our intuition can guide us by generating a good or bad feeling about choices we are considering, warnings about people or to simply alert us to take a different route to work, only to find out later a major car crash had occurred on your usual route which would have delayed you for quite a considerable amount of time.  It can also give you a positive feeling of warmth and positive feeling about certain people, choices or ideas you are considering.

In the beginning intuition is sensed most often by a feeling, but over time we may sense in other ways such as words and pictures to accompany our feeling senses.  As our use of intuition matures a kind of synthesis of all your senses occurs.

To be able to distinguish intuition from ego however can take some time.  An ability to maintain a certain detachment from your own wants and desires is important.

To awaken the intuitive impressions the best place to start is with meditation.  Meditation is always one of the best means to activate the inner voice as it is through quietening the ongoing chatter of the mind that we begin to hear something more.  Stillness Speaks as Eckhart Tolle so eloquently stated.  It is stillness that awakens the deep inner resources that is innate in all of us.  We are intuitive beings and always have been but through our conditioning and our absorption in our daily external life we lose sight of what is our true essence.  We all can commune with our Source yet we assign that ability to a few whom we believe has an exclusive connection to the Divine Source, yet the truth is we are all capable and are born with the same gifts.  We just need to spend some time to re-awaken what always ours to begin with.

If you can spend at least 15 minutes a day in meditation that would be a good start, more of course would be much better however a minimum of about 15 to 30 minutes a day is ideal.  For the purpose of awakening the intuition, I would recommend a silent meditation rather than a guided meditation, however if it is easier to begin with you can listen to a guided meditation and progress to a silent meditation.   *See Part 3 for silent meditation guidelines.

You can also begin by paying attention, throughout your day, to your thoughts and just observe them.  Notice the endless chatter that is constantly running your life.   Perhaps it is your fears speaking to you, or you have thoughts centered around disaster thinking where you anticipate everything going wrong before there is any evidence of anything possibly going wrong, maybe you are constantly concerned with how others perceive you, or continually berating yourself because of your insecurities.  Notice the pattern of the repetitive thoughts.  Notice whose voice it is that is running your thoughts.  Is it your voice or is it the voice of a parent or primary care giver of your childhood.  Just this observation alone can bring many insights and empower you to control your thinking.  Remember ‘energy follows thought’.  If your experience is giving you feedback contrary to your intention or desire then examine your thoughts.  99% of our thoughts is unconscious, in other words our minds are constantly circulating thoughts out of habit rather than intention.  When you become aware of your habitual thought patterns you become empowered to change them consciously.  It takes time and perseverance but it will be well worth the effort.

 Article continues in Part 2

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