Once you become aware of your thought patterns spend time throughout the day disengaging with the thoughts.  Those repetitive thoughts will come and go but your job now is to just observe without attachment.  Don’t try to stop them (what you resist persists) just notice and let go.  Do this with the intention of getting to a place of no thought, just presence.  Continually come back to the present moment, engaged fully in whatever you are doing without the background noise of your thoughts.   Thoughts will pass through your mind but strive to observe them without reacting and just let them go, much like swallowing food without it touching the sides.  You could say something like “there goes another thought”  and let it go.

By learning to control your thought, you gain an opportunity to embrace present moment stillness that results in a direct line to your intuition.  The ‘control’ I am referring to, is your ability to observe your thought with detachment.  The happy consequence of this being the dissipation and erosion of the energetic interference associated with the thoughts that run your mind and stand between you and your intuition.

When you have reached this point you will have gained some mastery over the mind and which thoughts you allow yourself, as a conscious gatekeeper, to entertain or let go.   Your thoughts will pass through you without leaving any stains upon your mind that could later form into a habitual negative thought pattern.  Anyone who has gone through the 10 day silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat will have become aware of, during the breaks between the meditation practice, the repetitive self talk that goes on when there is little external stimuli to distract you from what is continuously going on in your mind.    Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, can be truly illuminating for those willing to undertake this challenging retreat.

Mastery over your thoughts is also one of the first stages of enlightenment and a great first step to activating the inner voice of the higher mind otherwise known as your intuition.

Mastery over thoughts leads to extended moments of Presence.  Where else can you go when thoughts of the past or possible future are no longer engaged?  You have nowhere else to lose yourself and a happy consequence of this is you will be that you are nurtured and nourished in a blissful state of present moments.

When the mindless chatter is harnessed, the silence becomes a world of insights, intuition, inner urgings and your spiritual senses become heightened as well as expanded.

Go to Part 3 for the Silent Meditation Process

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