Relationships are meant to help us with the unfinished business of our childhood and other significant life events. We unconsciously attract people with qualities of the primary care givers of our childhood and the people with whom we need to balance karma with. We are not victims of our experience at all. We unconsciously choose our partners for the lessons that we are scheduled to learn. Our partners show up at the right time to activate particular insecurities and fears reminiscent of our childhood or other poignant life events.

The good news is that these relationships that are karmic in nature, if we truly understand the lesson being gifted to us, will take us to another level of relating and consequently closer to our Soul Mate or Twin Flame. We need the lesson in order to be ready for the vibrationally higher level of relationship of our Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Relationships, particularly Karmic Soul Mates or Karmic Twins, have an intensity that is compelling and magnetic with good reason. If the intensity wasn’t felt then you may not take the opportunity that the Universe is providing you to complete a soul assignment.

For the purposes of this article just understand that your relationship experiences serve a purpose along the way to meeting your true Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Accept with love the relationship endings of 2011 for it offers you a stepping-stone to a greater love in 2012 and beyond but only if you have truly learnt the scheduled lessons. If you don’t learn the lesson, you generally get to experience it all again but it will be presented to you in another human form than the previous one although there are some who come together again and again until they finally learn the lessons together.

Don’t blame or resent the deliverer of the lesson (your partner or ex-partner), you can of course go ahead and blame him or her but it won’t elevate your consciousness to a higher level and blame will inevitably just prolongs the time apart from your Soul Mate.

To find the lesson of your relationship, it is best to take the other person out of the picture altogether and just focus on what the experience brought up for you. What types of fears and insecurities surfaced, what boundaries were not honored, what was you intuition telling you or your gut telling you that you chose to ignore. Honestly explore the relationship not with the intent of apportioning blame but to look closely at your own role in the relationship, examine your choices, be honest about the fact that you probably always knew it couldn’t work but you went ahead anyway. Ask yourself what lies you had to tell yourself in order to overlook the things that were bothering you throughout your relationship. Where in your relationship were you not your authentic self and you hid aspects of your real self for fear you wouldn’t be accepted? How often did you overlook or didn’t address things that were bothering you? Did you allow your life take a back seat to your partners, making their life more important than yours and losing focus of you own life path? These are the types of questions you keep asking regardless of whether it is relationship, life path, work, finances, or family issue that is causing unexpected or unplanned changes in your life. Just persevere and keep asking questions until you get the insight.

It may be, you have to look at every aspect of your life at once as sometimes events work synergistically to point you in the right direction and sometimes the major lesson comes from only one aspect of your life such as a relationship breaking down and everything else in your life has a supporting role to get you back on your path.

The next step is to forgive & release blame and take full responsibility for your choices. Keeping with our relationship example, doing this will help you understand the nature of the lesson. When the lesson is learnt, really learnt, you will notice a shift. It will be as if the entire sting has been taken from the experience and you will feel free to release yourself from the connection. The intense quality that bound you to that relationship will no longer be so compelling and magnetic. Now the next part of your journey to love has been given a boost of higher consciousness and as a natural consequence of this you are brought a step closer to your Soul Mate/Twin Flame or true purpose.

Do not resist or fear the changes, embrace them knowing you are being gifted an opportunity to get back on your path so you can experience the immense peace and joy that is just awaiting your discovery.

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