With increasingly stronger energies building up year after year for the awakening soul, you are beckoned to step into the unknown and straight into the arms of possibility.  If you have strayed from your purpose, the Universe will send you a message that will be impossible to ignore.  You will  be thrown into the center of chaos and your comfortable but safe world will begin to appear like a perilous journey.
As we assimilate into these higher energies, many of you are currently facing or have already faced, many challenges, where change is the only constant.  It is, for many, as if your path has been turned upside down and the well-worn path you had been walking has suddenly become littered with many unexpected crossroads or detours in our lives.  You are now faced with questions that seem to have no clear answers.  Perhaps what you thought was your life journey now appears to be full of unforeseen obstacles.  Relationships are breaking down or being altered dramatically, changes in our financial environment,  your career  choice now seems to be in question or family issues have become a source of tension  even appliances and motor vehicles are being affected.
Having strayed from the path, you can expect unpredictability and change will likely be the theme of your life.  If everything you have known seems to now be breaking down or altered so significantly that you have no choice but to re-evaluate your life and the very meaning of your life, then take it as a sign that the universe has other plans for you.
This is your wake up call.  You have been given a push, sometimes a harsh push to let you know you need to get back on your path right now.  You, my friend have a meeting with destiny.  This is particularly true for Light-workers during this energetically heightened period of time.  Everything escalates, or collapses in order to bring you to where you need to be.
You needed a push out of your comfort zone to become acquainted with the field of possibility and potentiality.  There have been many signs to point you in the right direction but you didn’t acknowledge these signs.  You’ve will have had insights, inner promptings, a feeling that you should be doing something and you may have even had a call to action but you didn’t act on it and you buried your head in the sand.  You probably thought the time wasn’t right, you didn’t have the right resources, perhaps you were just too scared to put yourself on the line and decided to choose the safe or known path.
Whatever the reason for silencing that still small voice urging you to get on the path, if you are experiencing or have been experiencing change in the past 6 to 12 months that appears to be beyond your control, listen up.  It is not going to improve until you understand what it is you need to be doing; you need to listen to the calling.  Ask yourself what has the Universe been communicating to you in the past year that you haven’t honored, knowing deep down that you should be listening and acting on these inner promptings. What lessons have you had to learn, what was your experience trying to show you?
For instance has your relationship ended or undergone a drastic change?  Well now is the time to reflect and gain all the understanding that this change in your relationship is presenting to you.  Most the changes we have experienced or still experiencing involves unfinished business that this relationship (or only this relationship if it is Karmic) can provide.  If you know and understand the lesson then moving on will be easier than if you are still trying to make sense of it.  Finding the lesson allows you to get back on the path.  It takes the sting out of your spiritual journey and allows for everything to begin to fall into place once more.  It’s all about the lesson.  Find your lesson and you find your peace.  Article continues in  PART 2.

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