Sometimes we depend on others as a mirror that reflects back to us a version of who we are.

How people treat us is a reflection of our own beliefs of who we are. This can be conscious but most often it is unconscious.

Each reflection we experience through the people we encounter and our relationships helps to, either remind us who we really are or provide an opportunity to grow as an unhealthy belief we hold unconsciously becomes illuminated.

When we go through a negative experience we can wonder why and continue drawing the same experience to us over and over again or we can start an inward journey to discover our hidden beliefs that have weighed us down without realising it.

The inward journey is ultimately about self healing and spiritual growth. The inward journey is the only way to balance karma. You can avoid your karma but the experiences will perpetuate.

You can always walk away from people and situations that are unhealthy but if the underlying beliefs that created the unhealhy experiences have not been healed, then karma will ensure the lessons are repeated as oftened as needed until the time you decide to dig deeper and not only find the root cause but dissolve it with your awareness.

You will know karma has been balanced when your experiences change. People will either behave differently towards you or fade from your life completely. That’s growth. That’s evolution.

Stella Solaris

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