Re-visit and feel relationship patterns by initially focusing on the heart chakra.

Bring your focus into the heart and just feel the feelings you had when you experienced the particular relationship pattern without any thought.

Breathe into the heart space and disconnect from the mind chatter and don’t try to analyse the feelings.

The key is to allow the feelings to reveal the insight that is waiting to be uncovered.

The moment you engage with the mind it will start intellectualising and try to draw a logical conclusion.

Breathe into the heart just feel. If another chakra becomes active go to that chakra and breathe into that chakra.

In whatever chakra activates, feel the emotions you felt in the relationship. It could be fear of abandonment, jealousy, insecurity, unworthiness, disrespect or anything else. Let your emotions surface and go deeper into the feelings.

You may feel a tension, ache or tightness in the heart chakra (or other chakra) to begin with, but push through until you find the emotion connected to it. Go deeper into it until the raw emotion begins to surface.

When the emotion is revealed, do not intellectualise the emotions. Just feel the emotions freely.

Shed tears, voice anger, feel indignation, frustration or grief. Feel, express and release the emotions. Use your breath to stay centred in the chakra and the emotion being released.

Keep the outpouring of the emotion for at least ten minutes and then ask yourself, how old were you, when you first felt this emotion, feeling or pain?

Feel rather than think the answer and go the first age that comes up. Usually it will be a time in your childhood. This is your wounded child.

Become that child again. Embody the child, feel your physical body at that age and re-experience the events that led to those feelings and release the emotions fully, till you feel a shift.

You may find that the initial experience you lead you to other experiences that the mind would not have connected to the experience. You may find you go from one chakra to another or you stay focused on just the one chakra. Follow the threads and keep releasing emotions.

If you can’t place a childhood incident just release whatever emotions come up regardless and release from the chakra that is activating. The healing is about releasing emotions regardless of whether you understand its origins or not.

As you release the emotions you may find your body shakes or twitches or you feel compelled to shake your hands. Trust and follow the wisdom of your body, it is releasing the emotional energy blocks from your body.

Just keep going with the release till it feels clear and your heart feels open, loving and light. When you reach this point know you have released an important layer and bask in the feeling of love emanating from your soul.

From this point ask yourself if you are ready to forgive all those connected to the emotions you have just released.

Feel the forgiveness in your heart. Don’t worry if you can’t completely forgive but acknowledge your willingness to forgive and wait until the next time you do the process

In a nutshell

Allow at least two hours or more where you can go through this process undisturbed.

Stay focused on your feelings, stay centred in the most active chakra and breathe.

Release the feelings that arise with the breath, expressing emotions with tears, sounds such as groans, yelling or words. Expressing with vocalisation will help shed layers at a deeper level. They don’t necessarily need to be loud vocalisations just as long as it is audible to your ears. Just ensure the sounds represent the emotion that is being released.

Repeat as often as needed.

Stella Solaris Ferry
Melbourne, Australia (03) 0401500911
awakening soul@gmail.com

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