Some helpful advice to help you through your awakening

-Emotions are magnified and therefore it is important to learn to control or lose the charge around your emotions. Emotional management is vitally important to the awakening process

-Surrender and let go of the ego

-Practice yoga and pranayama

-Exercise has been and continues to be an absolute life-saving activity. I push myself as hard as I can to relieve or dissipate some of the currents of energy coursing through my body. While running on the treadmill I focus on being present and still, even though I am running. It works for me. Find what works for you and gets you out of your head.
-Get adequate sleep. Put this high on your list of priorities as there will be times when the energy excites and keeps you from sleeping more than a few hours and sometimes minutes at a time. As the process intensifies there may be periods when sleep is kept at bay due to ongoing communication from the spirit realm, or periods of lucid dreams that contain messages that continues all night for weeks at a time. If you can manage to keep notes on your dreams when you wake up from the dream then do so.
–Relax, meditate, take up a practice that is calming.

-Massage is not just a massage during the Kundalini experience. Try to have an occasional deep tissue massage and focus on the organs, limbs, muscles or chakras and release the blocked energy. Breathe into the area on your body that is being worked on and release the energy with the out breath. This is a wonderful way to get some relief.
-Deep mindful breathing
-Emotional management. If you ignore emotions you better watch out it could result in a calamitous situation or dark night of the soul. When I ignored my guidance that something was amiss with a friend but ignored the guidance repeatedly, the lesson came in a way that completely shattered my illusions about that person. Just like the tower card, it destroyed the illusion I held on to and it ended up being extremely traumatic.
-Make it a priority to work through and release limiting beliefs, behaviours and thinking.
-Take care of your diet. Drink lots of water. Eat whole foods wherever possible, not necessarily vegetarianism (but if vegetarianism works for you then continue with your diet), many people need more protein during awakening. In the early days of my Kundalini rising, before I knew what was going on. I suddenly developed an aversion to wheat and a craving for more protein. When I ate wheat alone, I became faint and slightly delirious. I had numerous tests but nothing came up. I drastically reduced my wheat intake, and began listening to my body’s needs. I found that I needed several portions protein a day to keep me grounded and energized. My body craved protein. I have tried to shift into vegetarianism on several occasions but it left me depleted. No matter how much iron supplementation I took, the results were the same. My diet now consists of a good deal of raw foods along with a healthy dose of protein in a number of forms and I no longer experience the delirium or feel ungrounded unless I have gone for several days without protein. Listen to your body’s needs and respond with a diet that keeps your operating optimally at all times.
-Avoid excessive alcohol or recreational drugs. The key is to live a balanced life. Enjoy your wine but don’t make it the centre of your life.
-Salt baths. I dreamt this recipe and swear by it. A few cups or more of rock salt, dash or more (depending on the size of the batch you are making), of bi carb, fresh bunch of organic sage leaves, a few drops of sage essential oil and add any other essential oils you are partial to. Mix the lot and let it sit for at least a few hours. Then add several handfuls to your bath. I make a huge batch and give sachets of this to family and friends as little gifts.
-Get outdoors near trees or water. Spending time in nature is a life saver when the energy is peaking. Lie on the beach, on grass in a park, getaway to the country and just be still when-ever you can. Nature is incredibly soothing.
– Do healing work suggested in this book regularly, even daily during acute phases.
-Trust and follow your guidance. Your path is unique and if any of these suggestions does not work for you then search to find something that does.
-Be Persistent in your practice.

-Breathe, identify and release whatever is arising.

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