What is your experience of love?
You meet someone who triggers something within you and makes your heart beat a little faster.  You go weak at the knees and you believe you have found someone in whom you feel you can reveal your heart to.

On the other hand, if the love object does not return your affection, do you love from a distance in the painful state of unrequited love? And do you suffer from the lack of reciprocation of your love and in that state of lack does this love  diminish you and make you feel unworthy and less whole?

You’re not alone to feel this way but it’s not real, it’s all a myth.

You don’t need another person to feel this love.  A love that only emerges when there is someone outside of yourself into who you feel you can give this love to, is designed to make you feel powerless.  It zaps you of your self-worth, your energy and takes you away from the real meaning of love.

Love is a state of being.  Love is unconditional. It is the most powerful energy available to all of us.

Love is transformative yet somehow we have lost sight of this and made it something that is dependent upon an external influence such as our love object.

What if the love you feel for another person has nothing to do with the person upon whom you have honoured with your love?

We all have been conditioned to feel and express love when someone comes along that makes our heart flutter and burn with passion.  If the feelings are reciprocated, then all is well but if the person we love doesn’t return the feeling we are consumed with agony.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We live in an infinitely abundant universe but we act like scarcity is the reality.  Love is who we are. Love is where we came from.  Love is our nature and our destiny.   We have been brainwashed through our parents, our community, our friends and even the media to believe and expect love to be felt in this restricted manner.

Love is power.  How can loving someone be dis-empowering unless we let it be?

All the love you feel has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is within you.  The fact that you only allow its expression or emergence when we perceive love through another, doesn’t mean that the person has the power to evoke that love.  It just means we have given ourselves permission to open our hearts because in them something was reflected back to us that helped us remember this state of love that was always within us.

Love, when not returned to us doesn’t have to diminish who we are in any way.

The power to feel love has always existed within you.  You can let it diminish you or empower you.  The fact that you feel love is a powerful thing.  It is the most transformative energy available to you, so why waste this love in feeling bad because someone we care for, doesn’t feel the same way.

Love is a beautiful energy we can tap into and use to inspire us, transform us, empower us, it can be used light up a room and make us glow like a lighthouse beaming light and love to all who cross our path.

Use the energy of love to heighten your experience of life, not to diminish or deplete you.

Love can never harm you, only your limited thinking in relation to its outward appearance can do that.

That great pull towards another person is our ego’s attempt to find wholeness and completeness.  The ego is all about the world of things.  Ego is externally focused.

When we assign the goal of love to our soul the world changes not externally but within us.

The soul does not grasp at illusions of love.  The soul is love.  It does not seek love outside itself because it is a state of being.  Love is our power source.  It ignites the eternal flame within our hearts when we change our perspective from thoughts that weaken us to thoughts about love that strengthens us.

Love from inside us transcends the ego’s limited experience of love by tapping into an unconditional stream of love from within.  It is a love that can never run out and is not dependent on anyone.  It is of the universe and universal.  It is an endless supply.

We are a power station with an ability to supply an endless current of unconditional love to ourselves and others.

It is love that requires nothing of us but is available to us regardless of our circumstances and life just works better when we live in this state of being.  More synchronicity will occur, more opportunities, and yes, more love.

Stella Solaris Ferry is a healer, teacher, writer, yoga instructor and leader in the field of spiritual & intuitive development in Melbourne.  Website: Facebook:

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