Soul Intergration Testimonials

My experience with the soul integration healing workshop was cathartic.  I felt it was a safe environment in which to express and release emotional blocks.  I had confidence that Stella was able to gauge our emotional state and prompt or support accordingly throughout the process.  Sarah B  2013

My journey has started, what better way to find yourself then to meet people that can help you on your way. Most important is comfort and trust.  My first soul integration with Stella, was something I have never experienced before. I have no words to describe what I went through, other than ” Orgasmic”.  I can say now that it has made me continue my search of spirituality and question our capability’s and how far we can really go to experience and manifest beyond our means.  I have been to meditation classes and healing sessions before, but I can say that this is the first time I have felt my Chakra’s open as they did. The surge of energy going through you at this time is electrifying.  If there is a class were you want to be yourself, cry, laugh, dance and even sing this is it, let your soul come out and play and become whole again.  Michelle  July 5, 2013

I’ve known and taken part in Stella’s seminars and sessions for a number of years and I’ve always noted her efforts made to increase her knowledge on a very spiritual level. Some of her seminars helped me become more sensitive and made me more aware of other people’s feelings. Some of her other seminars where very powerful and deep. We’ve been given opportunities to look deep in our selves and release past repressed feelings. This has helped me a lot in my life as I was able to identify with my childhood events and how they affected me as I grew older. I was reminded, in her sessions, some past experiences which have conditioned and limited my way of thinking and the general feeling about myself. I was also able to release a lot of my past emotional pains. As a person, I am now much more aware and sensitive of other people’s feelings. I’m also so much secure within myself. I want to partake in more similar sessions as I believe that with Stella’s help, I can grow spiritually and learn more about my soul purpose. Duncan C, 2013

Stella is very sincere. Thank you Thanks very much for today, Stella!!!! ” Rosemary on Jun 8, 2013.

It was great, Need lots more practice and start listening to what comes through first. Great teacher :) ” Michelle on Jun 16, 2013

Lovely, left feeling light & peaceful. Interesting, practice makes perfect perhaps more to peel away than I thought arghhh ” Ariana 2013

“I have benefited greatly from this group and enjoy sharing with others on a spiritual level. ”  Carolyn on Jan 13, 2013.

“ The class was amazing. I felt like I made more progress in a couple of hours than I have in the last few months. Thanks Stella! ” Laura on Dec 17, 2012.

“ Lovely to meet like minded people and thoroughly enjoyed the experience ”  Eva on Dec 22, 2012.

“ It was an amazing day! ” Jenny L on Nov 18, 2012.

“ This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and healing circles I have had the pleasure of attending. Such gorgeous energy and friendly, positive people. ”  Ruth on Aug 24, 2012.

“Stella’s soul singing workshops are amazing. The are very powerful, at times confronting, but ultimately liberating with regard to the shackles of heart and mind. Stella creates a very nurturing, safe environment and her workshops have the ability to be life changing’ .” K. Richard G 2012 Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

Stella offers healing tools for life that are profoundly important. I was astonished to rediscover this essential and natural territory of myself that was all but lost – the innocence and reality of my emotional body (soul). I felt deeply touched in my heart and my soul experienced meaningful and wonderful healing. I do recommend this workshop to everyone. RB  2012

“Stella seems to be a natural when it comes to spiritual healing and spiritual work. I have been attending Stella’s various classes for about a year now and have gained so much helpful knowledge in a range of different areas. It is clear that Stella is insightful and intuitive when it comes to working with a range of spiritual topics and teachings. Her Soul Integration workshops are incredible. Stella takes you through a process whereby the individual connects to their emotions quite directly as well as any issues and/or patterns that are ready to be released from the body. To release such blockages the body can go through a range of physical experiences/symptoms which vary depending on the individual.

The first time I experienced a soul integration experience was when I saw Stella for a personal consultation. I didn’t know much about the process beforehand but was blown away when my body went into quite a full release type experience which was quite intense for me. I definitely felt like I was letting go, releasing old stuff that my body was ready to let go of, such as old emotional baggage from childhood. I felt the energy tingling through my whole body, and it felt as though my body was literally shaking the old stuff out, for me there was lot of crying and some screaming, but this can vary depending on the individual. Stella has said that even more subtle releases can be very powerful. I definitely feel for me it was a positive experience and that I was ready for it. I have attended a few group workshops since then, and had similar release experiences, but each time it is a little different and I go to different emotional places, sometimes I even burst into spontaneous song – known as soul singing. Stella explained that by releasing this ‘stuff’ that we carry around, i.e. emotional blockages, old patterns or energy blockages, can help create more room for the the highest self, or our soul to come in, with less insecurities, patterning etc. weighing it down. I definitely feel that it has helped me release some old patterns and blockages, and even to be able to see some of my core issues more clearly. Overall I am very appreciative to have crossed paths with Stella and for the valuable things I have learned from her insights and indeed the healing that has taken place as a result of her soul integration work. Heart felt thanks to you Stella and co-facilitator Mary.”K. Hobson, 28, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

I have been reverberating ever since the workshop. The sound of you singing to me during that major clearing has particularly stayed with me. It really was something from another realm and when you later mentioned your experience of something from Atlantis that really struck a chord with me. I felt as though you were singing an ancient song from that time and I had been around and heard it before. I also feel as though a massive psychic shift is taking place within me and I thank you so much for a very special experience.” x Elizabeth P., Melbourne, Victoria

“Just a few thoughts about the remarkable healing session. Truly remarkable. I feel lighter & brighter as if layers have been peeled away. I feel great. I highly recommend the process” Sonny H. 2012

“A mind blowing experience. This healing had ahuge impact on me. I gained so many insights and I feel so much better and so much lighter“ Patricia N, 2012

“Stella and Mary offer healing tools for life that are profoundly important. I was astonished to rediscover this essential and natural territory of myself that was all but lost – the innocence and reality of my emotional body (soul). I felt deeply touched in my heart and my soul experienced meaningful and wonderful healing. I do recommend this workshop to everyone.” R Banks, 2012

“Only one word for it AMAZING !!!!” K Varis 2012

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