You attract to yourself what you fear as much as what you desire and want.  
You use your underlying energy signature; your energetic blueprint, to bring into your life people with incredibly similar wounding as your own, regardless of whether you are conscious of your wounding or not.  

  Where ever your energy is invested (consciously or unconsciously) is what you will always attract into your life. If you take apart your experiences into the types of issues you most frequently experience with loved ones, friends or co-workers you will begin to see a pattern forming of common themes. We attract the frequency of our past into the present until such time that we become conscious of the underlying energy and create another energetic pattern that differs from our inadvertently held on to energetic template, originating from and anchored in our past experiences.  

We do this by becoming aware of a recurring pattern and learning about the lesson that is held there for us to heal. 

 In healing, we release aspects of our past experience that no longer serves us. Thus our vibration, the energy emitting from our being is raised so that new experiences of a higher vibration can make entry into our life. This disengages us from the lower frequencies that has kept feeding and keeping alive our past experiences.

 Lessons that remain unresolved are like boomerangs that keep coming back until the wisdom that is being offered through our more taxing or challenging experiences are embraced fully.  

Self-examination is the key.  

It is through looking deep within ourselves and what we bring to the situations we experience as negative that contains the wisdom seeking to be found. Not the people who represent the recurring problem or pattern, they are emissaries of light who have taken human form as teachers of wisdom in our lives; they are volunteers to aid in your evolvement and enlightenment. It all began long before our birth when we gathered under the direction of our master guide to create a life map that would provide opportunities for experiences most useful for our soul’s journey. Other souls with whom we have travelled through many lifetimes agree from a place of unconditional love, to help us at agreed meeting points in the life to be.

Every experience no matter how difficult provides something of tangible good if we are willing to or want to see the blessing.    

Some of us have experienced real hardships in our lives and yes we can let it define us or we can overcome it by seeking its gifts and grow in personal power.

When we go beyond the limitations we see before us, our vibration, the energy emitting from our being is raised so that new experiences of a higher vibration can make entry into our life and at the same time disengage from the lower frequencies of our past experiences.

In this exercise we will examine your fears, limitations and experiences you view as negative and look for the gift they are offering to you.

Do the healing process on page? Tackle each fear, limitation and experience separately and then look for the lesson and what they taught you.

By Stella Ferry Gibson

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