The easiest and most direct route to receiving God’s assistance is through acting in faith and trust, speak your truth and be true to yourself.  Most importantly,  trusting, knowing, understanding in good faith that God’s plans for you is perfect and a perfect outcome will result even when the result isn’t as you had hoped for or as you had envisioned.  
In my earlier life,  I didn’t trust in myself or believe in my worth, underneath all my attempts to outwardly portray a confident young woman was a belief that I was not good enough.  Under those circumstances despite all outward appearances and self deceptions, I didn’t speak my truth or act in accordance to my true self. Instead I allowed my fears to think and act out unconsciously for me.

I realise now how things could have been different if I had learnt to  trust in my own worth and acted in alignment with my highest truth; but I will never know what could have been had I been in touch with my inner true self. Instead I acted out of fear.  The fear in those days kept me stuck in all the places I didn’t want to be stuck and despite any attempts to change things, the fear would always win in the end.

How I began to shift this fear out of my life and stop it controlling my life was to remember our Divine Source is love. Love is truth. The Divine’s work is done through the power and alignment of speaking and acting authentically at all times.  

To be in truth gives you direct access to God’s Will and Grace.

You simply trust that even when you have doubts and fears about what speaking your truth will cost you and adopt an unyielding faith that God’s plan is perfect and that speaking and acting in accordance to your own truth means the outcome will always be perfect in every way regardless.


For the next seven days, make it a mission to speak your truth at all times, trusting that in doing so you are shifting into a closer alliance with your Source and therefore allowing yourself to be cradled in the arms of the Divine.   

Allow spirit to help you overcome any fears you may have and ask for guidance and trust the insights you receive. 

Act in faith knowing that you will be shown and guided to overcome your fears.  Just trust, have faith and speak your truth. 

Ensure you journal your daily insights accordingly. 

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