Your Quantum Breakthrough Code

gina drellack

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code

This book by Sandra Anne Taylor is an activity guide to shifting your energy in order to consciously create your life.

We all have reactive patterns to life’s moments, whether conscious or unconscious, and it is through these patterns that we determine our reality.  Think Law of Attraction, affirmations, and positive thinking.

The uniqueness of the Quantum Breakthrough Code is the use of energy meridians to decode old reactions and code new ones. Using specific, no-fail finger/forehead/eye positions together with goof-proof personal proclamations, you change your old ways of reacting to thoughts and situations into new ones that you desire instead.  Even if you already like your current reactions, using this technique will help you choose them consciously in a wider set of circumstances.

I found this technique to be incredibly helpful in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and use of affirmations.  Since the important factor in…

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