The light you project out into the world is the result of your thoughts, your emotions and most importantly your beliefs.

Your life is reflected and manifested from the habitual thoughts, emotions and beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you.

We all create and project some kind of energy.  The energy could be that of a higher vibration or lower vibration and is dependent upon and a result of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

We are constantly transmitting and projecting energy outwards and this energy can be for our benefit or our detriment.

All we need to do is look at and examine our thoughts, our emotions and our beliefs.

We can start by examining the habitual patterns of our thoughts, emotions and the underlying belief systems: represented as our manifested world.

If you have ever asked why do I keep attracting …., fill in the blanks;  the same types of relationships, friendships, the constant lack of financial security,  or keep experiencing a lack of love, isolation or  depression despite consciously making great strides to change your life experience; then without a doubt your unconscious and sometimes conscious beliefs are acting as a magnetic energy field drawing those very circumstances you do not want into your experience.

Our experience of the world is the result of our inner world.

To quote “Sandra anne Taylor from the “Secrets of Attraction: The universal laws of love sex and romance: “The Law of Magnetism states that each of us creates and projects a certain kind of energy -an actual frequency. And we attract and resonate to the exact same kind of energy that we send out. In short, the Law of Magnetism is the ongoing process of transmitting and receiving energy, an energy that’s generated by and about ourselves.”

Through out our lives, every moment of our lives we are engaged in the process of transmitting and receiving energy based on our attitudes perceptions, emotions, actions and beliefs.

We constantly send out this energy into the world. The energy resonates at a specific frequency and manifests as our reality.

Everything returns to us in the form of the people we meet, the situations we attract, the circumstances we find ourselves in. We must pay attention to the patterns of our lives, what we think, what we feel, what we believe because these become the foundations upon which our experience is manifested.

Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, beliefs are energy too but unlike our conscious thoughts and emotions, beliefs are often hidden in the background of our minds driving the bus of our experience without ever realising it had its own wheels and driver.

Without addressing our unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world, we will always be swimming against a tide that keeps dragging us back to where we started. Seek out and question every belief especially the ones that are so ingrained that we hold as an absolute truth. Beliefs about our attractiveness, our lovability, our worth, our strengths and weakness, and beliefs about our capability or talent.

Affirming consciously, and conditioning our thought and emotions that we are worthy of our desires will be undermined by beliefs contradicting our desires.

Our beliefs are sending out signals all day, all night, every day, every moment, every second of your life. It’s the engine running ever so quietly in the background with devastating effects. A few minutes of affirmations and conscious direction of your thoughts is no match for the beliefs constantly churning away in the background.

Discover, overcome and dissolve the beliefs that are not for your highest good and the change you desire is made more accessible and available. Create a harmonious and supportive relationship between your beliefs and your intentions for yourself and question every belief.   Ask yourself is that belief really true? What is that intention of that belief? Does this belief serve you?  Don’t stop questioning your beliefs until the negative effects are dismantled or positively restructured.

Affirmations to try or create your own:

I am willing to change the beliefs that do not serve or honor me

I am willing to change my beliefs to consciously harmonise with my desires and conscious intentions

I am willing to change my limiting beliefs and strengthen my empowering beliefs

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