Water Blessings

Follow your Bliss

I’m intrigued and inspired by Dr Emoto’s work, and started to bless my water about a year ago.  It sounds strange right?  I have labels on all my water bottles at home; my friends at first thought I went crazy!  I would like to share with you how blessing your water can change your life too.  The seed was planted when I watched this video on YouTube..


I would like to keep this simple; so for the most part, your water is not clear and clean and crystal pure.  Water gets recycled many times and it becomes flat.   The actual crystalline structure becomes flat, and water is a liquid crystallization.  Then water is closely connected to the feminine and psyche, the intuition.  Now, the great flow of life is in water, therefore I give the water a blessing.

I believe we are just reminding the water of its perfection. …

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