Muscle Engaging, Bone Strength and Dynamic Posture!

Off The Mat Yoga


In the fitness world including yoga, it is common to hear teachers urging students to engage their muscles in one way or another. Mostly, they urge you to engage your core muscles. But what does that really mean? What do you do when your teacher encourages you to engage your muscles? Are you using your will power to tighten your muscles further expecting to feel and get stronger that way?

Have you considered that tightening muscles may not be the best way to “engage your muscles”?
Could it be creating as much body stiffness as it creates strength?

What about building the flexible strength of the cat instead?


Obviously, no matter how strong your muscles are, if you had no bones, they would turn into a puddle on the ground?That is because your skeleton has a lot to do with your strength. Your bones are the structure…

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