Spiritual Guidance

Today I am prompted to remind everyone that all that we need, all the answers we desire and all the wisdom available to us can only be accessed from the heart centre which is the gateway to the soul.

learn-energy-healing-3-300x263When we desire clarity, as a default we often use the mind to ruminate and assess the facts and perceptions around a situation which does not always remain uncontaminated by our long held beliefs and fears etc. The clarity we seek may very well also be muddied and influenced by the opinions of people whose understanding of life is the result of the limitations of their beliefs, experience and fears.
The mind therefore is not always the best entry point to accessing the pure unalterable wisdom of spirit.
When we make it a habit to turn to our heart for guidance and direction we build a stronger relationship with a higher form of wisdom coming directly from our guides and angels (not limited by our vision of who we are, or our beliefs, fears and experience.
Our guides and angels see from a higher perspective and understand the potential we are all born with when we incarnate here on earth. They know our mission. They know what lessons we are here to learn. They know the karma we are to balance out. Our guides and angels are equipped to guides us.
Our mind is not always able to see the higher perspective unless we marry the mind and heart.
Then our spiritual partners can actively work with us and influence us through our ideas, thoughts, coincidences and direct communication.
So from today create a habit building a bridge from the mind to the heart and of living from the heart.
Stella Solaris Ferry

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