Being Energy Sensitive


The interesting thing about the awakening process. As you evolve and become more intuitive you also become more energy sensitive. There will be a time as you evolve intuitively that you also become so sensitive to energy that without realising it you can take on other peoples feelings (positive or negative) as your own. You may for no apparent reason start to feel anxious or upset, yet nothing in your present circumstances warrants the reaction. It is too easy to brush it off as your own ‘weird’ energy but a simple self enquiry exercise can help to shift the energy if it not your own.

1. Become still.

2. Go within an feel into your heart.

3. Ask yourself is this feeling mine.

4. Allow a physical response.

What happens next is if it is not your own energy, the feeling will dissipate, however if it remains, then indications are you have some healing or emotional work to do.

Along this same line, for the energy sensitive, sometimes unhealthy past relationships can energetically impose on and enter into your energy sphere. It is easy to miss this if you have worked on having physical, emotional and mental boundaries around the person in question, but we often overlook energetic or spiritual boundaries. When we haven’t been conscious of our energetic boundaries with someone in our past (especially relationships of a Karmic nature) we may suddenly start to think about them, feel a familiar feeling that was related to that person or feel a very physical pulling of energy from our heart or solar plexus chakra.

This energy can have a depleting effect on our energy. We may lose energy physically and spiritually. We may mistake the feeling for our own and wonder if we have done enough to heal the past relationship.

What I have found in my healing practice, is that often the person in question, is pulling or drawing on your energy, sometimes consciously but more often unconsciously. This can be quite overwhelming if your past relationship was karmic in nature, as it will bring up old emotional patterns afresh that cause you to think that the self healing isn’t complete.

This is what happens when for no reason in particular a person pops into your head and then you may bump into them, hear from them or about them from a third party. All this can be disconcerting if you have moved on or in another relationship but if you follow the steps above and include the ones listed below you should be able to shore up your energetic boundaries.

5. If it feels like it is not your energy then mentally place energetic boundaries around you, and state that there will be no encroachment on your energy boundaries. (*Be sure that you have not inadvertently allowed this encroachment to happen because there is still some unfinished work between you or you need to do more forgiveness work.)

6. You may ask your angels, guides or higher self for assistance.

7. Have faith in your ability to place boundaries around yourself.


Stella Solaris Ferry

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