ImageWhen this chakra begins to awaken your heart beat will feel more pronounced. You heart may pound wildly at times and feel like it is beating irregularly.  The region of the heart chakra may ache or you may experience pain that is reminiscent of intense heartburn. 

This is the beginning of your heart chakra expanding and opening and the beginning or a heart chakra awakening. 

As you begin to open this chakra any unresolved feelings like grief, sadness or any heartfelt feeling may begin to surface in a way that demands attention. 

You may become so overwhelmed by unresolved emotions that were buried long ago or that you were sure you had resolved and healed, begin to surface in a dramatic way.

An outpouring of emotions will be spontaneously released causing a great flood of tears.  The key during this time is to allow the emotions to be expressed.  You…

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