FaithFriend1I know that in truth, real friendship is never lost but circumstances can come about that reveals who your true friends are. Friendship is a bond that connects souls. It has nothing to do with agenda, lies, gossip, betrayal, jealousy or secrecy. Sometimes the truest friends are not the one who proclaim loudly the importance of the friendship but the ones who are the engine humming in the background in constant motion without the flowery prose but with the quiet constancy of real affection between two people who honor the light of each others souls.

We are often challenged in our spiritual journey to dispel the myths and illusions we have about, not only people, but our beliefs and attitudes too. The challenges will return over and over again until we have shifted into a higher path where anything that is incongruent with the light we seek, is released. The spiritual path requires our alignment to the essence of truth within us and to recognize when we are out of alignment with out truth.

*Here is an easy test you can conduct at any time to check your alignment. If a person, situation or belief strengthens you, your gut (your internal guidance system) is neutral, your inner voice (internal alarm bell) is silent, and no energy is lost in the interaction, then the experience is in alignment with your soul.

The truth is we always know before hand when someone or something is not in alignment but we tend to ignore the signs until all is revealed beyond doubt and only then we admit we always felt there was something amiss.

The spiritual path is littered with circumstances to get us into alignment with our truth and it is up to us to respond to our intuition in faith and trust or continue to repeat the pattern until we learn the hard way to honor what our soul is communicating to us.



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