In my healing practice, I frequently come across clients who are going through similar but quite unique experiences.  Many people (particularly healers or those with a strong spiritual inner life) are coming to me who have experienced a major (traumatic in some way) relationship that resulted in an awakening.  Here is a list of the experiences I hear about, have experienced myself and helping people through.

–       A deep connection with someone that has been traumatic, painful or eventful in a significant life changing manner

–       Strong soul connection

–       Intense emotional roller coaster ride

–       These clients experience a heart chakra awakening (the erratic beating of heart have led some to believe they were having a heart attack)

–       Psychic visions & astral travel

–       Clients have an innate understanding they need to work on honouring and loving  the self, self-acceptance,  personal boundaries, resolving fears and childhood wounds

–       Deep karmic connection

–       Karma that demand to be cleared between you

–       Telepathic communication

–       Clients can feel their partners regardless of whether they are in close proximity or not

–       There is a sense of pulling in chakras particularly 3rd or 4th chakra

–       Heart palpitations and heart awakenings

–       Clients feel a sense of being at home when they are with each other but to be apart is excruciating

–       All fears and unresolved patterns surface and cause friction in the relationship despite the intensity of the connection

–       Surges of energy throughout the body.

–       Weight loss, hair falling out

–       Anxiety

–       An overwhelming need to resolve everything in your life

–       Energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body

–       Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations

–       Intense heat or cold particularly during healing work

–       An intense need to clear unresolved issues from childhood and beyond

–       Alterations in eating and sleeping patterns

–       Episodes of extreme hyperactivity alternating with periods of overwhelming fatigue

–       Headaches, pressures within the skull

–       Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest that can mimic a heart attack but will have no known cause

–       Pains and blockages in the chakras

–       Emotional outbursts;

–        Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating

–       Heat, energy or blissful sensations in any of the chakras but particularly the heart chakra.

–       Ecstasy, bliss and intervals of tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion and intervals of  dark nights of the soul

–       Psychic experiences

–       Dreams will take on a deeper significance.  More direct guidance can come from dreams or dreams may reveal past life information

–       Unresolved problems have caused separation despite a deep love

–       Intense Sexual Chemistry

–       Difficulty moving on as client can still feel all the emotions experienced by their partner.

These significant relationships have been tumultuous but life changing and spiritual growth has multiplied beyond the pace previously experienced.

We are living in very interesting times and relationship experiences like these are becoming common place.

With healing a great deal can be accomplished to resolve some of the issues arising as a result of these destined meeting.  Childhood wounds, fears, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, karma and past life issues can be resolved successfully.


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