During a healing, you may feel warmth or intense heat in the base of your spine.

It may feel like the pelvic bones are moving apart and you may feel strange sensations at the base of the spine including itching, tingling, intense vibrations and thumping in the base of the spine.

When the 1st chakra opens, Shakti fire, the electric energy stored in the first chakra, may shoot up the spine. This may cause some discomfort in the spine, or intense, orgasmic sensations, in the spine, individual and/or all the chakras and in the entire body.

As you release the energy blocks, your lower body may feel a vibration that compels you to move or roll from side to side, old childhood wounds may arise and as they are released your legs and hips may shake. You may have the urge to shift into positions that mimic yoga poses in order to shift and release the blocked energy. If you allow the process to unfold in trust, your body’s innate wisdom will take over and guide your body to move or shake out the energy.

Following this release you may find a renewed love of nature, feel more secure and more at peace with your family of origin and the cultural environment you were born into.


Love & LIght

Stella Solaris Ferry
Next workshop, November 24
12.30-5pm at House of Three in Elwood

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