SOUL INTEGRATION HEALING CONSULTATIONS  Image (Inner bay-side Melbourne)‘Life Transformations: One layer at a time’ Locations in Elwood.  By appointment only.The cost of the healing consultation is $120 per session  (1 person $120, 2 people $210 or 3 people $270.)  – Sessions are approx 75 minutes but allow for up to 90 minutes.
Call me on 0401500911 to book a session or email me on awakeningvsoul@gmail.comThis process is the most powerful spiritual tool I have ever used and you will need to be ready and willing for this process. This process is life transforming.Soul Integration Healing facilitates deep transformative healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It balances masculine and feminine energies to open you to the deeper integration of your soul. As part of the process the heart chakra is activated. You will through this process begin to integrate more fully into your awakening soul. The heart chakra and the opening of the heart chakra is one of the most important factors to this awakening process. The process not only dissolves energy blocks stored in our body & auric field but also helps awaken your soul so that you are working more closely with Spirit. The healing process emphasizes: an intense regime of breathing techniques to increase the pranic energy within the body, activates spontaneous movement to release bio-energy originating in the base of the spine, clears and awakens individual chakras. You will be led to immerse yourself into emotions, feeling and sound to dissolve blocks that stand in the way of your healing and self realization. throughout the healing hands on energy is used to direct Divine energy to deepen the healing process. Following the release of past experiences in this and other incarnations which have been unconsciously stored as energy blocks in the body and energy centers, you will be immersed into a state ultimate love through an opening and awakening of the heart. This is an incredibly powerful process that works best when disengaged from the thinking mind and engaged in feelings that arise. So practice being heart centered and engaged in your feelings emanating from the heart for a few days prior to your appointment.

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