Finding The Gateway To Your Soul

You heart is the gateway to your soul and soul connection with another begins with you connection to your own soul through activating your heart in a way that transcends what we have come to know as love. The love emanating from your soul is pure and unconditional.

Begin to focus on your heart to open the energy vortex known as the heart chakra, focus on love and understanding without conditions.  Reflecting on love only expands your capacity to love and your capacity to receive love.

When you perceive love as a rarity you will experience love as being in limited supply but in reality love is all there is and we are here in the physical experience to remember that love is what we are here to express.

Love is the greatest power available to us and yet it is so under utilized.  Tap into the power of love and you can transform every life condition.  There is no compromise to this.

Love in its purest form is transformative.

Get in touch with your soul and align to the understanding that love is all there is.  We can either live as though it isn’t and suffer the human condition or live in the state of love and transform your world from the inside first until the outer human experience reflects the power of love as you.

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